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This self-titled Alternative Pop/Rock EP is a compilation of songs written by Dawn during her early 20s in Toronto. Your early 20s are a time of searching and discovering who you want to be and where you want to go in life as an adult. The EP opener "There You Go Again" has an infectious toe-tapping melody and fanciful lyrics that are directed towards Dawn herself as she questions why she does the things she does. The contagious optimism of "Rescue Me" leaves you feeling ready to take over the world knowing good things will come to you. Even the heart-wrenching "Worst Case" brings you to another place as you reflect on love lost in your own life. This is a fantastic collection of well written and produced gems.

If you love Serena Ryder, Chantel Kreviazuk and Alison Sudol then this is the record for you. 


"The Window" has an upbeat and sunny disposition, with a rhythmic percussive feel incorporating live drums, harmonica, lap steel and jingly electric guitars. The album has an undeniable Americana vibe with country textures and folk undertones. The lyrical content doesn't stray from a vulnerable fragility in songs like "Socially Awkward" and "Cry in the Rain", and it packs a big punch with catchy melodies in "Good Thing" and "What's A Girl To Do" that will have you singing along from the first listen. From the first track onwards you will feel like you are at home in a small town pondering many things as Dawn takes you through a though-provoking journey while you tap your foot along to the groove. If you love KT Tunstall, and Sheryl Crow then this is the record for you!



"Open Your Eyes" is an impressive debut album from singer/songwriter Katelyn Dawn. Released at the tender age of 16, this album features all original material penned by Dawn and shows her great potential as a budding songwriter. Dawn shows what the world is like through her eyes. The album opens strong with songs like "Whatcha Got" and "Fairytale Love" whose melodies draw you in wanting more. Dawn also looks deep within herself and others and shines a light on teen depression and loneliness in the heartbreaking tunes "Light in the Tunnel" and "Blinded". There are observations of first love in album opener "Fairytale Love",

"Once Again", and "Sweet Salt". If you have a propensity toward examining the joys and sorrows of life, love and loss

then this is the album for you.


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